How Fast Does English Ivy Grow ? How To Grow Faster

How Fast Does English Ivy Grow : With its versatility and rated as one of the best air purifying plants for your home, English Ivy is becoming an increasingly popular houseplant. Want to know how long your new English Ivy plant will take to grow?

English Ivy grown indoors will grow up to 9 feet in a year; however, it will take a minimum of 2 years before noticeable growth occurs. To encourage faster growth, you should take good care of it and make appropriate adjustments before planting, and use fertilizer to speed up growth.

I have put together the information below to help you learn more about the growth rate of English Ivy and what steps you should take in order to ensure healthy and strong plant growth. You will also find ideas for encouraging quick growth.

English Ivy Growth Rate

Several factors can affect the growth rate of English Ivy, but it doesn’t take much growth time to reach a maximum growth rate of 9 feet per year. Its growth rate might be slower for the first couple of years after planting.

It can take years before you see the results you want but with the right conditions and the right care this process can be accelerated, and with fertile soil this process can be accelerated even further.

Influencing Factors Over Ivy Growth Speed

A couple of things come into play when English Ivy grows at a faster pace or a slower pace depending on the conditions.

Growing Conditions

Growing conditions have the greatest impact on a plant’s growth speed and overall health. By providing optimal growing conditions to your English Ivy, you can give it all that it needs to be successful.

In summary, what do we need to grow English Ivy successfully?


Keep the soil moist when the plant is young. As it matures, let the soil dry out before watering it again.

Potting Soil

This product on Amazon is highly recommended for its growth because it has a well-draining soil with some organic matter (compost).


The most growth will be stimulated in moderate to full shade.


 It can survive in many different conditions, but 15-25 degrees Celsius is the ideal environment.

Growing English Ivy Indoors vs Outdoors

If the English Ivy is being grown indoors or outside, the way it grows can depend on the conditions. The ideal conditions can help the English Ivy to grow quickly indoors.

Different Growth Stages

Growing English Ivy indoors will avoid the harsh winters that thwart growth and keep it stimulated all year long. Ivy also enjoys a longer growing season, mainly during the spring/summer months.

Ivy Pests

In addition to the pests irritating ivy plants outdoors, birds will also eat the berries, so it is better to grown them indoors. This is because you will have greater control of pests and help to protect your plant’s health.


Plant Health

If your English Ivy plant is in good health, it will grow much better than one with various health issues or inferior growing conditions.

Does Ivy Grow In Winter?

Ivy’s growth is stunted in harsh winters, since it likes long growing seasons and doesn’t fare well in harsh winters. By keeping it indoors, you can avoid harsh weather and simulate the ideal conditions to promote growth.


How Fast Does English Ivy Grow On A Fence?

Once the ivy is established on your fence, it will take around three months to cover the fence. Ivy grows up to nine feet and its leaves up to three feet, so your fence will be covered faster than you expect.

Preparing A New English Ivy Plant To Enhance Growth

When you’re about to plant a new English Ivy, there’s a few steps you can take to help kick start the growth at the initial stages of its life.

Organic Soil

If you want your English ivy to grow rapidly, you need a soil rich in organic matter. You can do this by making your own compost and planting it with it.

  • Eggshells
  • Tea
  • Banana Peels
  • Epsom Salt

Appropriate Pot

Clay pots are ideal for English Ivy as they allow excess moisture to drain around the roots and allow the soil to dry out properly.

Keep your Ivy in the center of a large pot to allow the roots to spread further.

Rapid Root Growth

It is best to deprive the roots for the first 1 – 2 weeks of water in order to promote an initial growth spurt in the roots. This will stimulate the roots to spread further and seek out moisture, providing a solid base for the plant to grow on.


You can promote faster growth of English ivy by taking proper care of it.

The best way to promote healthy growth is to keep your English Ivy plants healthy. Luckily, they are one of the toughest plants out there, and some people say it’s hard to make them unhealthy.

The following steps should be taken to promote healthy growth of your English Ivy:


Plants that have been established in a smaller container will need to be planted in a larger pot to allow more room for roots to grow.

Growing your plant in a larger pot will allow its roots to grow farther. A pot that is wider than it is deep will force its roots to extend farther rather than deepen, building a stronger base.

Also make sure the seedling is planted in a well-drained potting mix in order to prevent root rot and other diseases. Use soil that has good drainage for a healthier plant.


Keeping your ivy in a cool to moderately shaded area will promote most growth, but it will also grow in light areas, just at a slower rate.

Growing English Ivy in shaded areas can also cause the leaves to grow bigger than they normally would in full sunlight.


Ivy plants tend to grow best when you keep the soil damp to the touch in the initial stages of their life cycle. Once they become more established you can let the soil dry out before watering them again.


Insects are less attracted to your ivy when the leaves are misted regularly, which makes them healthier and promotes growth in humid conditions.

It is important to fertilize your English ivy to encourage growth.

Even though English Ivy is an easy plant to grow and doesn’t require fertilizer to grow, using it in moderation can really help accelerate its growth. Use half the recommended dose to get the greatest growth boost, but never exceed the recommended amount as too much can damage it.

I also told you that eggshells and tea are great for your ivy since they are a complete and balanced nutrition source.

Eggshell Water
You can also soak the eggshells overnight in water, sieve out the shell the next morning, and then pour the water over your Ivy’s roots.

Prune Your English Ivy To Control And Boost Growth

An important way to boost the growth of your English Ivy is to cut the tips of the vines periodically to stimulate growth. Obviously, you should only clip the tips if you wish to control a plant’s growth.Also read 

Ivy grows in many different directions so trimming away unwanted vines will help contain it if it starts getting out of control.

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