HOW TO WHITEWASH BRICK : The trend now is brightening up your living space as opposed to relying on the traditional dark brick look. Get rid of the boring brick look for your fireplace or brick wall and try a new look through whitewashing.

Some people wish to try out this trend, but they may not know that it doesn’t require a complete makeover. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, try out these instructions using this guide for step-by-step instructions.

1. The first step is to clean the brick.

Start by Cleaning the Brick

Cleaning the fireplace, wall or other surface is essential to whitewash brick correctly. You may find it tempting to skip this step, but it is essential if you wish to accomplish the project correctly. This will ensure that the updated appearance of the surface appears nice and consistent.

There are a number of ways to clean brick surfaces, but some solutions may damage the brick surface if they’re not used correctly. Clean milder cleaners before scrubbing too hard or using more advanced cleaners that may be harsh.

Dish Soap and Salt Mixture

Dish Soap and Salt Mixture
Clean your brick fireplace with this homemade cleaner that relies on household ingredients. Just combine equal parts of dish soap with salt while adding sufficient water to form a paste. Just make sure to use a clean rag to apply it on your brick fireplace.
 A few minutes of cleaning the brick surface with dish soap mixture could make it more effective. Avoid tedious scrubbing work and invest in a drill brush attachment.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a reliable cleaning agent one can use for whitewashing brick surfaces. For best results, mix one tablespoon with one gallon of water. Make sure to use protective gloves when using boric acid solution on brick surfaces.

Commercial Cleaner

Commercial Cleaner

Cleaning the brick wall or fireplace can be accomplished with the proper commercial cleaner. It is also possible to use everyday cleaning solutions but a single-purpose product should ensure better results while minimizing the risks of damaging the surface. 

Check out this fireplace cleaner from Amazon which is perfect for removing dirt and grime from brick and many other surfaces. It’s packaged with a handy brush, so you can start painting and preserving your fireplace in no time.


2. Scrape Off Old Paint

Scrape Off Old Paint

You need to remove traces of paint that linger on the brick surface, even after removing mortar from the bricks. A brick scratcher also makes this job significantly less difficult. This superior model on Amazon represents a great example.

Remember to hire a professional to remove old paint completely. If you’re not sure about the dangers of this old paint, then you can at least take some precautions. Wear goggles and a respirator that offer adequate protection from the toxic lead paint.

3. Prepare the Surrounding Area

3. Prepare the Surrounding Area
In preparation for whitewashing a brick wall or fireplace, it is necessary to take some precautions to avoid any mess. While this is an easy DIY project, it can get messy. Because of this, you should pay extra attention to the area around the whitewashing project.
Make sure that any paint that you whitewash does not get onto other objects and surfaces. To avoid whitewashed bricks occurring in your fireplace, it’s best to cover the fireplace doors and use high-quality painter’s tape to protect it.

4. Prepare the Whitewash Solution

Formulate the Whitewash Solution
You cannot always mix whitewash paint in exactly the same way, though water and white latex paint make an ideal combination. Mixing whitewash paint can depend on your preferences, though you can start with an equal mix of water and latex paint. 
Begin by painting a small area first, adjusting as necessary for the best possible result. Do not rush the process by painting the entire surface right away.
It is common for the brick to become excessively bright when testing the whitewash. The simplest solution is to add water to the mixture. 
You can increase the whitewash’s strength by adding more white latex paint. You may want to experiment until you are satisfied with the results. Check out this premium white latex paint on Amazon.

5. Apply the Whitewash Solution

Apply the Whitewash Solution

Finally, you have reached the end of the guide. You can brighten and lighten any brick fireplace or other surface by applying whitewash. Different techniques are available here, but you can’t go wrong if you stick to the basics. 

Whitewash solution can be applied evenly by brush or paint roller. Below is a link to this paint roller set on Amazon.

It is preferable to mist the brick with a spray bottle, then wipe the damp area with a sash brush to reach the recessed parts of the brick wall. Nevertheless, you need to let the paint set for several hours in order to give a whitewashing appearance.

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