TRANSOM WINDOWS :With its Gothic architecture roots, the transom window represents an ideal choice for anyone trying to do a complete home makeover. The transom refers to the horizontal beam that is placed above the window or door. 

This type of window is used to keep the framings separate while the transom window is generally the smaller window that is mainly for decoration. Think of it as the element that sits between the transom and the wall.

In addition to enhancing aesthetics, transom windows can also reduce the risk of accidents on your property. They’re most common in a foyer or townhome. If you’re interested in adding this beautiful architectural feature to your home, read our guide here on transom windows.


1. History of Transom Windows

History of Transom Windows

It may seem like transom windows are just the latest trend nowadays but the idea behind them goes back to over a century ago when they were introduced in 14th century Europe to fill your home with light and keep strangers at bay.

When they were first conceived they were merely holes covered with crude materials such as animal skins, but they improved with technology, becoming increasingly like windows. The advent of leaded glass, iron bars, and hinges have greatly improved their design, making them more attractive and practical.

A modern transom window is a far cry from its earlier counterparts. They are much more efficient in terms of ventilation than the old-style models. It was originally used in some traditional homes for this reason as well. Its big improvement is that it is motorized rather than manually operated.

2. Benefits of Transom Windows

Benefits of Transom Windows

What are the advantages of a transom window for your home? If you still have uncertainty about whether a transom window is right for your home, the following section should help clear things up. 

Transoms are typically considered for enhancing the look of a home as well as adding ample light. Cross-ventilation is an important feature, but it is not widely used in modern times when air conditioners are prevalent.

It cannot be underestimated how much curb appeal a transom window cultivates. There are many types of gorgeous transom windows that make it an impressive architectural addition by themselves. However, it achieves its full potential when it mixes harmoniously with the rest of the home’s elements. 

One notable example of a transom window is to place it above the front door, as it will immediately provide for a dramatic focal point. The problem of plain windows in the front of the house can be solved quickly with transom windows.

One interesting facet of transom windows is that they can be even more attractive when lit at night than regular windows. Transom windows will not need to be draped for privacy reasons since they are installed with higher elevations. 

Transom windows will improve curb appeal with their illuminated windows contrasting with the dark surroundings outside. This means they can be used to enhance decor such as chandeliers that should be displayed at night.

Whether you have a small or large home, a transom window can provide you with a generous dose of natural light. This architectural element provides an outstanding effect for indoor environment. This type of window is great for dim interiors where every ray of light matters.

The abundance of natural light brought by transom lights can provide additional benefits that you may have overlooked. There will be a diminished need for artificial light as a result, which translates into huge savings on electricity costs. 

Even though transom windows typically use less energy than traditional windows, they can greatly improve your mood with all that extra natural light they provide. You don’t need to close them all the time since they won’t pose the same safety concerns as regular windows.

3. Types of Transom Windows

When it comes to transom windows, you can choose from various different designs and styles. You do not need to choose the classic arched design with separating dividers. The most common types you will encounter:

Paneled Glass

Paneled Glass

These types of transom windows are excellent for fans of clean and elegant designs. They often use paneled frames with symmetrical patterns. The transom glass window uses hinges and often incorporates vertical strip dividers.

Fanned Window

It’s a type of transom window that typically has an arched design that mimics the look of a traditional fan. It’s best for people who prefer decorative window treatments. They can be installed over existing windows, with no difficulties opening or closing the window.

Fanned Window

Solid Window

These windows feature a solid glass piece enclosed in a sturdy frame. They have a more atypical look than multiple-paneled transoms. 

Transom windows can be specially constructed with clear, frosted, or colored glass to add a captivating flare wherever they are installed. Installing the window is easy thanks to the unique construction which enables it to hinge or affix on any side of the frame.


4. Installing a Modern Transom Window

Installing a Modern Transom Window

Structural Considerations

Transom windows can be added to your home, but not every house can fit it. It depends primarily on the same as your home’s door and ceiling height, the wall type, and whether or not the additional weight can be safely incorporated into your house.

The surrounding wall studs will have to be removed to make way for the transom window. In case of an above window installation or an exterior cladding installation, the drywall will have to be eliminated which will expose the wall studs. 

Once the transom window is installed, a new section of drywall needs to be added. Then the window trim can be mounted to finish off the installation process.

It is recommended to opt for narrower window models rather than larger transoms in case you can’t properly add a standard-height transom window. Before making a final decision,, remember to check the framing space needed for your desired transom window.

Choosing the Best Design

In addition to the critical structural details, it’s important to select an appropriate transom window design. As we previously discussed, there are several different options available. You may also select the patterns to ensure a satisfying addition to your home. Some window models can also include attractive stained glass motifs.

You should focus on the details of transom windows, including the shape of the bars. You should also incorporate windows with similar designs to maintain a cohesive look no matter what style you choose. 

Transom windows come in all kinds of styles, from sleek yet elegant geometric patterns to intricate curves and arches for a more traditional look. There’s even the option to go with a more simple but elegant aesthetic by choosing modern transom windows.


5.Best Places for Transom Windows

If you want additional ventilation, light, and privacy without compromising security and privacy, then a transom window above the entrance door seems like an optimum solution. It can match the architectural style of the front door while balancing security and privacy.

In addition to their usual places such as above the windows or doors, transom windows may also act as practical and decorative elements. Transom windows work well in humid environments like the bathroom because they provide a lot of light and ventilation.

A transom panel is great for the garden shed. Rectangular models such as this one on Amazon add brightness to various temporary structures.

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