TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE : One of the most powerful and potent cleaners in the market is trisodium phosphate (TSP). Even better, it’s affordable, doesn’t contain bleach, and helps you remove even the most stubborn stains. Read about it’s usage in the house below!

1. Cleaning With Trisodium Phosphate

It can be used to remove any dirt from any surface in your home. Wear long sleeves, eye protection, and appropriate gloves while handling TSP. Once this solution has been blended, water it down and wash the surface.

2. Preparing Surfaces for Painting

If you want to repaint an old surface, you can also use the TSP solution. It is good for cleaning old flaky paint and returning the area to clean and ready for a new coat. The solution also cleans thoroughly and de-glosses the surface.

3. Treat Mold and Mildew

You can combat mildew and mold around your home by mixing one cup of trisodium phosphate with one quart of chlorine bleach and one quart of warm water. Spray the solution on any area that has mildew and mold, then rinse and re-apply.


4. Remove Grout

Remove Grout

If you don’t have another option, you can use trisodium phosphate to remove grout. However, it’s best to use an appropriate grout removal product.

Mix half a pound of trisodium phosphate with a gallon of water and sprinkle bleach on any mold if you find it. Use a brush to apply the soapy mixture, wait 10 minutes, and scrub vigorously. Do this step repeatedly for best results.

5. Aid in Refurbishing and Moving

It is very likely that your refrigerator will collect a substantial amount of stains, dust, grease, and other types of dirt. That is why it is crucial that you cover the appliances, surfaces, and anything else you may want to avoid the stain.

6. Scrub Your Chimney

Clean your chimney with trisodium phosphate frequently to avoid a slowdown, primarily as the organic debris/creosote build up inside your chimney. This can be quite effective in eliminating all the stains/dirt and reducing the risk of fireplace fires.

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